Arowines proudly represent one of the most innovative companies in Vietnam Beverage Industry. Our product portfolio varies from Vodka, Wines to traditional Spirits, among which Men' Vodka is our most famous product and enjoy a national huge success. Eversince its launch in 2008, Men' Vodka has been favored by spirits enthusiasts and now has become the most popular vodka brand in Viet Nam.



Founded with only 7 employees.


Established Aroma Factory.


Launched Men' Vodka.

Production capacity was 200.000 bottles per year.


Headcounts reached 500 employees.

Production capacity increased to 4 millions bottles per year.


Launched Traditional Spirits Sân Đình.


Total headcounts reached 1300.

Consumption capacity reached 15 million bottles.

Distribution system has more than 100 Distributors with thousands of point of sales.

Launched Premium Vodka Products: Men' Sheriff & Men' Sheriff Gold.

Launched a complete redo and re-branding package for Men' Vodka.


Men' Vodka

Men' Vodka is our most successful product, launched in 2008. With its distinctively smooth taste and a rich flavor profile, the product quickly gained popularity in only a few years and has become everyone's favorite choice when it comes to vodka. Men' Vodka is now the most popular vodka brand throughout Viet Nam.

Sân Đình - Traditional Spirits

Sân Đình was born as a result of our attempts to appreciate and improve traditional Vietnamese spirits. By combining latest Japanese technology with traditional methodology, Arowines is able to keep the most distinctive flavor profile of Vietnamese spirits while meeting the highest quality requirement of industrial production.

Aroma Factory

Alcohol & Beverage Manufacturing Aroma was built on a 4.3ha land, located on My Hao, Hung Yen province. The factory is equipped with latest production equipment & facilities: Japanese distillery system, Russian mixing technology & Italian filling machine.

Aroma also collaborates with specialists from all over the world to stay updated with industry's latest technology. We work closely with Russian Research Institution in order to always improve our production efficiency & product quality.